Sunday, March 22, 2009

girls just wanna have fu-uhnn

The phone rings in the middle of the night,
My father yells "What you gonna do with your life?"
You know you're still number one,
But girls,
They wanna have fu-uhn,
Oh,girls,just wanna have
That's all they really want.....
Some fun....

Some boys take a beautiful girl,
And hide her away from the rest of the world.
I wanna be the one to walk in the sun.
They wanna have fu-uhn.
Just wanna have
That's all they really want.....
Some fun....

Yep. That's me. Up there. I was having fun at that point in time.
Not today.
Even though I am in my beloved city of fun and no sleep.
It's because yesterday was maybe the worst day of the year.
See, I will tell you all about it:
I wake up at 8:09 am because my mom is hollering at me from the other side of the pretty little Aspen condo we are staying in. It's called Chamonix, Unit 46.
So I get up and put on my favorite Super-skinny J-Crew jeans and a white boyfriend tee that I stole from my ex. (yes... i'm kind of a bad-ass.) and a Juicy sweatshirt and I pick up my Longchamp tote and head out to the dining room, where, apparently everyone is ready to go. So we walk really fast into Aspen Village/Mall because we need to waste like 2 hours before we have to get to the airport. So I buy this ultra-cute bikini in a sports store, some new lip gloss, and some powder-blue Aspen sweatpants. Then we eat this nasty, super greasy hunk of Pizza. I'm in a pretty good mood, considering.
Then we have to rush rush rush to this teeny-weeny little airport in Aspen.
When I say teeny-weeny, I mean EXTRA SUPER DUPER ULTRA TEENY WEENY. It's like the size of my apartment, No joke.
We get our tickets for Chicago, because we are doing a connection: Aspen to Chicago to New York.
Except the only tickets with actual seating assignments are my brother Alex's ticket and my dad's ticket. Which kind of throws us off because, we should have seating assignments for me, my mom, and my other brother William.
So we go back to the counter and the lady says something like "blah blah blah..... tailwinds.... blah blah blah, not sure if we can fit all passengers... blah blah blah... only the ones with seating assignments are guarrenteed to get on...."
So my mom turns into mega-bitch and starts screaming at the woman, who almost calls security, so we just head to our side of the airport, because there ARE NO GATES BECAUSE THE AIRPORT IS SO EFFING SMALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have to sit on the ground, all of the 6 seats are occupied.
Not to mention, there are about 6 hundred billion people here and it smells of dog food and sweat.
So we wait about 3 hours, and our flights are all delayed.
Then this chick makes an announcement and it goes something like,
"Attention, all people on flight ____, we will be boarding those of you with seating assignments. The tailwinds are too strong to bring anyone else but the 15 people with seating. Thank you, and goodbye."
That means that me, my mom, and my brother have NO SEATS.
My dad gets all mean and demanding and stuff, and goes up to the lady and tells her that she better let the rest of his family on the plane or he would have her out of a job in a second.
10 seconds later, we're all on the plane.
Go dad.
Then we miss our connection to New York in Chicago.
And our luggage, is like, in the middle of God-knows-where.
So the next flight to NYC is at 8:55, so we had to wait for maybe an hour and 50 minutes?
We got on the plane, hoping that our luggage would be in NYC by this time.
When we landed, it was 12:57 am.
Our luggage wasn't there.
The lady told us to
"Come back in an hour."
AN HOUR??!?!?!?
My mom told them to deliver it to our apartment.
And now it's almost 1 in the afternoon and NO LUGGAGE.
Well. That's about it.
Sucky, right?
Well, in other news, Jade Goody died today.

That doesn't help much.

~It's Naturally Maddy~

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