Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Post... FINALLY!

Well, this will be a short post because today is Orientation (Hell) Day at my school.
Just going to let you all know that I am now on a quest to lose 10-15 pounds by the end of april/ early May
So then I will get down to 89-85-ish.
So, until I loose 10-15 pounds, I will....

*Eat only lettuce leaves and occasionally carrots for lunch and dinner.
*Run two miles a day, or do Tae-Bo for 2 hours, or use my dad's home gym for an hour.
*Drink only water or 0-calorie Crystal Light fill-ins. Which will be hard because I'm a soda junkie.

I've been doing this for the past few weeks, but I'm kicking it up a few notches.
I won't let myself get hungry, so I'm considering wearing a rubber band. A pink rubber band, though.
The only problem has been having my friends tell me that I'm anorexic, or I will be anorexic if I keep this up. They always tell me that I'm "too skinny already", but I know they lie to make me feel better. They're all super pretty and super skinny and I'm not. I want to fit in

For the record: I'm not anorexic; just determined.

So, I am 5'2 and a half, and 99 pounds. Soon I will be 5'2 and a half and only 85 pounds.


Gotta go eat celery and 0-calorie peanut butter for breakfast. Did you know they made that? I might also treat myself to a little low-fat 0-calorie Jello on the way to school.



  1. please, dont bother with the rubber band, been there, done that, it doesn't work

  2. MADDY!!!They arent saying that to make you feel better, They are being truthful. You need to be healthy! Not non existent! I hope you see that soon. You are too cute to be worrying and fretting your life away! You are such a sweet girl and all you need is a lil confidence!!!!
    <3 Kate

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  4. Okay. I'm not going to be nice about this, Maddy. This is a really, really stupid idea. It's really unhealthy and eating like that will only make you gain weight - you don't need to lose OR gain weight, you're perfect, and what you eat right now is just fine!


    Let me tell you what's going to happen, since I tried to do the exact same thing (low calorie yogurt - a little bit of a salad - and then health food at home):

    1. Eating breakfast speeds up your metabolism - eating in the morning is better than eating at night, which it hard because you eat more at night. So you need to get a healthy breakfast, even if you plan to diet for the rest of the night.

    2. You WILL get hungry. You will get to lunch and you will sit at your lunch table and stare at whatever your friends are eating for ten minutes while you pick at a salad before you leave, feeling awful. This will go on for a few days until you give in and eat all that crap because you didn't eat breakfast and you're trying to starve yourself.

    3. You're parents will force you, if you manage to last through dinner.

    4. You will see all the amazing food items - and you will either really want to eat them and focus on nothing else or ACTUALLY eat them.

    Your plan for eating, Maddy? This IS anorexic. I have the same mindset, but it DOESN'T WORK FOR ME. I *eat*. Because people that can keep that up are sick, Maddy. They hate themselves.

    Also, two miles a day, Maddy? Running? I walk around the reservoir 1-3 times a day, but running - especially with low potassium - will make this even worse.

    You might keep it up and get skinny - but I can promise you you will not keep it up and get pretty. Your hair will fall out, you'll be pale and pasty, you'll look bad - and you're so pretty right now! Mentally you will drop in school from inability to pay attention and you won't be able to be happy and bouncy and, that's what makes you Maddy! No one wants to see you getting depressive, we love you just as you are.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of you trying to do something *dangerous* to yourself. >.<

  5. Maddy do you know that if you're 85 pounds that means that you're very underweight. I searched and being 85 pounds and your height is very unhealthy. We really care about you Maddy we don't want to see you sick. Seriously you're gorgeous, if you stop eating then you're going to be depressed and sad. Like I told you in third grade I was sort of anorexic as well as in fourth grade I didnt eat and I was really depressed. I was diagnosed with depression for like a month. Maddy we all really love you and we don't wnat you to be sick. Please, you're really pretty and when you talk about starving yourself you seem less gorgeous. The inside and outside both count and people like you because you don't strive to be gorgeous, you already are. Please stop. WLY. This is not supposed to be a rant either just a way to get thru to you.

  6. Please.
    Do not do this.
    I'm 13 years old.
    I weigh 58 pounds.
    It sucks.
    I have really fast metobalism.
    People call me anorexic except I eat like 24/7.
    But if you really wanna get skinny, go to your docter.
    Sometimes they can write up pills that make your metobalism faster.

    I'm trying to be nice.
    This is stupid.